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Hey My Name is Rose. And I'm Awkward! Haha If you Follow me Expect to Get Weird Cosplays, Songs, Post, Theories, Ships, Shows, Impressions and other Crud. Oh Right I'm 15 (16 in September)
I Love RP. My Favorite to Do is either Ike, Kenny or Christophe.
South Park - Kyle Broflovski

I got a new wig!!!!

Closet Trancey

There are only two kinds of people in this world. Those who steal, and those who are stolen from. And today, I steal your futures.

I Want….

No I NEED Ceil’s Dress I Mean its Soooo pretty….. And Boy Does He ROCK it! 

daddykinkcapaldi asked: thank yooooooou for the help:) i miss you guys say hi to everyone for me

Of course!! And we miss you toooooo!!!

daddykinkcapaldi asked: hay gurrrl i wanna be mysterion for halloween any ideas on how to achieve that

Well sure!! I personally love making my cosplays from things around the house (Cuz I’m crafty) and I know YOU have cosplay talent. But if you wanna make it simple… I suggest going to the Halloween sections of department stores to look for the cape. Get that like purple-ish leotard thing around there too. And the gloves. Then there’s the underwear. (I’ll leave that for you to figure out) Masks are sold I craft stores around this time. (paint it black) and boots or some use plain black shoes. If your cape Doesn’t cover your hair maybe look into a wig? I don’t know. I hope this helped a little. :) May the odds be ever in your favor for your costume. The force is with you…. Always. And I have and will always be your friend.

Oh and get some green fabric paint when your at the craft store to put the ‘M’ on your leotard. :)
When your ship falls to pieces on a Anime.

When your ship falls to pieces on a Anime.